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Monday, August 25, 2014

Dainty Industrial is born

A long (long, long) time ago my friend Xavier asked me to try something with thick chainmail and tatted lace. I've been playing with variations on this idea for years now and finally started incorporating hardware (straight from the home improvement store) into my jewelry designs recently.

I ran into Xavier recently and showed him some new pieces, which he titled "Dainty Industrial" and so a new style is born...

The Evolution of Dragonscale Crochet

Going through photos this morning I realized that I can show you how I put new ideas together. In this case I saw a pattern for knit dragon scale mail, and decided to figure out how to do it with crochet.

First I did a bunch of test runs with washers, and finally settled on a Tunisian style band:

Next I bought the metal scales and found a more attractive yarn to work with:

Luna wanted to help, but helping is really tiring:

Then I went out and found some really fun yarns to work with since my bellydancing bestie Pixie was looking for some cuffs:

And like all really good projects everything went in an unexpected direction. The hook I purchased to make the cuffs was a double ended Tunisian hook, allowing me to make in-the-round (tube-shaped) pieces as easily as flat ones. So I also made this purse! (Hanging strings still need to be tucked in in this photo.)

Currently in-design: regular and scaled arm-warmers.

The Slayer meets Glory

Bunny the Vampire Slayer got a chance to meet Buffy's one and only goddess of hell, Glory a few weeks ago.

The Boston Babydoll

Created when my friends The Boston Babydolls were rehearsing in Pittsburgh, these lightweight bracelets are made from cotton thread and washers! Some of these photos were taken before spare threads were tucked in and clasps were added.

The necklace version of The Boston babydoll

Meet Cosmo!

Cosmo loves to cosplay as bunnies...especially monster bunnies.