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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Evolution of Dragonscale Crochet

Going through photos this morning I realized that I can show you how I put new ideas together. In this case I saw a pattern for knit dragon scale mail, and decided to figure out how to do it with crochet.

First I did a bunch of test runs with washers, and finally settled on a Tunisian style band:

Next I bought the metal scales and found a more attractive yarn to work with:

Luna wanted to help, but helping is really tiring:

Then I went out and found some really fun yarns to work with since my bellydancing bestie Pixie was looking for some cuffs:

And like all really good projects everything went in an unexpected direction. The hook I purchased to make the cuffs was a double ended Tunisian hook, allowing me to make in-the-round (tube-shaped) pieces as easily as flat ones. So I also made this purse! (Hanging strings still need to be tucked in in this photo.)

Currently in-design: regular and scaled arm-warmers.

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