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Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's very, very late but I want to post these shots of all my latest crochet jewelry. You can purchase them by clicking on the Perfect Fish Jewelry Shop link on the top of my page. Over the next few days I'll post about how I made them  but for now I'm going to sleep!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finger Puppets

One of the tricks I learned making dolls was that I could save my fingers from cramping by popping the doll head over my pointer finger and just spinning the piece as I worked my way around with my hook. That led to the idea of finger puppets, mostly based on my larger dolls. You can buy all of these in the store at the top of this page, and they will fit most adult fingers. Check them out!

Devil Bunny 
Franken Finger and a Finger Zombie

Simon the Finger Cat

Meet Vlad, the Overdue Vampire

I created Vlad over a year ago, and somehow his picture never made it onto the blog. Vlad comes in regular size or in a finger puppet, and you can buy either one in the Perfect Fish Store (at the top of this page).

New Chain Mail Jewelry for Horror Realm

I've got two more posts coming up right after this one that have nothing to do with chainmail bracelets. Promise.  It's been a  long time since I've posted, I know...it's been a busy time in my life. I've spent far more time than I'd like just getting stock made for this weekend's Horror Realm, but nothing new to show off, just everything I've sold out of. Finally, this week I got to do something new (coming up in another blog) and it gave me a few ideas I hope to develop over the next few weeks.

But I also spent some time making chain mail, so here are hots of the new bracelets. Hopefully I'll sell them all this weekend, but if I don't you will be able to pick them up at Eljay's.

Half Persian in colored aluminum

Barrel Link

A Close-Up of the Half Persian

Half Persian with aluminum and silicon in close-up

Half Persian in aluminum and silicon

Knight's Chain

Close-up of Orbital Chain

Orbital Chain