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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Wizards! (And other things)

One of a kind dolls don't usually make it to the sales page here because they sell so quickly in my store! Since I've had so many requests to make some of these available, I'm going to post some wonderful one-of-a-kind items for you to check out. Once these dolls sell, you'll never see the exact same one again, so if you want something in this post buy it quickly! I'll try to come back to this page every few days and remove sale buttons from sold-out items. If you'd like a Zombunny, A Vlad (vampire bunny) or any of my crocheted jewelry just click the shop tabs at the top of the page. 

Wizard holding keys -sold!

Dark pink wizard -SOLD!
Red Wizard
Blue Wizard, small key SOLD!

Blue Wizard, Big Key -SOLD

Purple-Striped Wizard SOLD

White and Purple Wizard

One-foot tall GIANT Zombunny! SOLD

Goth Kitty - measures about 1'6"

And NOT one of a kind, but in very limited quantities, these two wearable creations:

Jellyfish crocheted necklace and earring set (modeled here by an Eljay's Books mug)

Bat necklaces - tatted lace and crystal pick purple, red or black crystals!

                                                                   Crystal colors

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just in time for the holidays....

Need absurdly cute/ disturbing gifts?  Need them fast??

If you order something from me between today and the 18th I'll ship it Priority  USPS for no additional charge.

If you want to order jewelry, click on the "Perfect Fish Jewelry Shop" tab at the top, and for dolls go to The Perfect Fish Store.

If you want to order a B'nnthulu doll or a Shadow Bunny (that's the sparkly black one) you can just email me at orders@perfectfishdesigns.com, I've sold out so fast I never even got a decent photo to post, but I know some people at Steel City Con asked about placing orders this weekend for sold out dolls, so there you go.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I know, I know, it's not about crafting. But I've spent the last two years crafting an award winning bookstore with my awesome partners, Frank and Louise...here's the proof:

I'll post a link to the article tomorrow, but for now I'd like to mention that I'm quoted as saying "It's still hard to find people weirder than us."

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lil Miss Scary

You'd probably guess that two weeks out from a huge show I'd be working on making sure I have enough stock. Normally so would I, but I got an idea for a new doll in a new size. The plan was to get through the show and start sketching something new once I was in my post-Horror Realm withdrawal.

The idea gods had other plans. I spent the last three days designing and crocheting a new doll. Unlike the smaller pieces, I won't be making "sets" of these, each doll will be one of a kind. I got a few shots of the doll in-the-making and when she's fully accessorized I'll post a final shot.

After doing some quick math to decide how many stitches I needed to get the right sized head, I got started at the top of the doll. Once I attached button eyes I knew what the rest of the doll would look like.

Here she is a few hours later, with a cone for a body and  a single leg poking out  from her skirt. I'm not thrilled with the way the ruffly skirt came out, but I figured out how to do it right next time.

The boots were done somewhat freehand. I kind-of remembered a technique I  learned from a book six years ago and guessed a bunch. I love the way it came out, and this photo was taken simply to celebrate the cuteness of those tiny feet! 

And here she is, mostly done! After I took this pic I  added a  cool skull bead necklace. I'm probably also going to make her a messenger bag. 

It's entirely possible that I'll do another one of these in the next few weeks, and I'll post if if I do. I'm also about to drop the prices on a bunch of dolls and jewelry (I'm heading to that part of the page next), so if you've been thinking about buying something now would be a great time, right?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I swear I've been busy making things!

I know, I know. I said "crocheting without blogging about it" and just dropped off the face of the planet. So the quick catch-up:

I moved. I'm happily re-transplanted back in South Side. It's nice to be home. Moving and unpacking and various things filled up May.

I thought I needed to make a lot of lace. Maybe not so much. But I didn't figure that out until I had made the lace so that covers June and the first week of July. Proof:

I think I have three yards of this....
I made a bunch of these with different colored stones.
I have at least six yards of each of these...
Then I got some wonderful pattern books from my aunt in the mail and I started making bats.
And they were so fun to make, I made a bunch of them and had to turn them all into necklaces so I could sell some.
Like this.

I also channeled my inner plastic canvas crafter to make a new open/closed sign for my bookstore.

And then I remembered that it was six weeks away from Horror Realm and I turned this:
Into this:
And made a whole bunch of these:

And some of these tiny ice cream cones for necklaces:

And that brings us to tonight, when I decided to spend a chunk of my evening giving everyone an update before I picked up my hook and yarn again.

After Horror Realm I'll be going through my stock and getting new items posted for sale. If you see something you like in this post, you can send me a message (orders@perfectfishdesigns.com) and I'll post a link for you to buy it. Otherwise, everything here that doesn't sell out at Horror Realm will be available to buy  at the beginning of October. After I get all of that done I'm going to start designing some new, larger and slightly different dolls. I'll try to collect a lot of  photos as I'm working this time. Recent programs like Instagram make it easier for me to get good shots with my phone and post them quickly.
But for now, I'm off to make some monsters....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Click this link

We interrupt this regularly scheduled bout of "crocheting but not blogging about it" to suggest you check out Gingerhaze who maintains a blog of her sketches, which are simply divine and wonderfully geeky.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's very, very late but I want to post these shots of all my latest crochet jewelry. You can purchase them by clicking on the Perfect Fish Jewelry Shop link on the top of my page. Over the next few days I'll post about how I made them  but for now I'm going to sleep!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finger Puppets

One of the tricks I learned making dolls was that I could save my fingers from cramping by popping the doll head over my pointer finger and just spinning the piece as I worked my way around with my hook. That led to the idea of finger puppets, mostly based on my larger dolls. You can buy all of these in the store at the top of this page, and they will fit most adult fingers. Check them out!

Devil Bunny 
Franken Finger and a Finger Zombie

Simon the Finger Cat

Meet Vlad, the Overdue Vampire

I created Vlad over a year ago, and somehow his picture never made it onto the blog. Vlad comes in regular size or in a finger puppet, and you can buy either one in the Perfect Fish Store (at the top of this page).

New Chain Mail Jewelry for Horror Realm

I've got two more posts coming up right after this one that have nothing to do with chainmail bracelets. Promise.  It's been a  long time since I've posted, I know...it's been a busy time in my life. I've spent far more time than I'd like just getting stock made for this weekend's Horror Realm, but nothing new to show off, just everything I've sold out of. Finally, this week I got to do something new (coming up in another blog) and it gave me a few ideas I hope to develop over the next few weeks.

But I also spent some time making chain mail, so here are hots of the new bracelets. Hopefully I'll sell them all this weekend, but if I don't you will be able to pick them up at Eljay's.

Half Persian in colored aluminum

Barrel Link

A Close-Up of the Half Persian

Half Persian with aluminum and silicon in close-up

Half Persian in aluminum and silicon

Knight's Chain

Close-up of Orbital Chain

Orbital Chain