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Monday, April 18, 2011

Beaded Lace

This week I started working on pieces that incorporate beads into their design.  I've done work with beads before, but it's tedious and doubles the time it takes to make a bracelet so I've been putting this off.  Being without a model, and also without the closures I want to use for these pieces, I'm posting some photos of them as is.  When I have the final website ready shots done I'll post them for you.

First, the completed lace samples that will hopefully end up in the window of Parker Button and Clarissa Bridal in South Side.

And now the latest bracelets....the only new design is the last one, and it's my new favorite creation.  As you will see, it's actually three layers of lace with beaded flowers woven together into a bracelet.  It was tricky to figure out and trickier to assemble (you have to weave each row into the row below it as you work instead of making three pieces and assembling later) but totally worth it!

Monday, April 11, 2011

This week: a very special guest artist!

Captive bead design

This week I'm excited to share my boyfriend's chain mail work.  Steve and I share photography credits on this work. If you see something you like feel free to contact him through my site, he does indeed take requests and his work is very reasonably priced.

Infinity Link
Also Infinity Link
Three Ring Spiral
My personal favorite, the Inverted Box Chain with Captive Rings
6-in-3 chain
European 4-in-1
Box Chain
This is a box chain pattern that Steve added his own twist to.  We're calling it the "Broken Box" chain.
A copper King's Mail bracelet
This King's Mail bracelet is two sided!
European 6-in-1. This piece is one of several strips that will eventually be connected to form a chain mail garment
European 6-in-1 as a bracelet

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lions and Lace

This has been a busy week!  I sold a bracelet to a complete stranger via my Etsy site (a first!) and a blogger in Poland and a Treasury builder on Etsy both added my work to their own virtual galleries to celebrate International Tatting Day on April 1st (no foolin').

This week I worked on a piece for Bubba, of Bubba's Sandwich Shop in Dormont. (Yummy sandwiches, folks) Bubba wanted a lion for his son.  And I have been excited about the idea of doing a lion for a while.  Sadly, this was the only set of cat eyes I had in this size so I can't do a few lions to sell until I hit the craft store again.

There will definitely be more lion as some point so if you'd like to reserve one, just email me as orders@perfectfishdesigns.com.  Alice will be $20, but anyone who reserves her gets $5 off.  They eyes will likely be slightly different but you'll only notice because I just told you.  Heeeeere's Alice...

And in tatting news...

A few weeks ago (the week I posted wizards) I went into the local button and bridal store for supplies and ended up chatting with a few staff members.  One of them asked me to bring some lace samples by to add to a window display.  Of course I didn't actually have anything on hand that was good quality work and long enough to display so I'm working on a few different pieces now.  Photos for whatever I come up with will be posted next week (please cross your fingers for me) but here's the first 12" I finished yesterday of my favorite classic tatted lace design.  Now the next time you are looking at photos of tatting online (I know you do this) you'll be able to spot this classic element as a strip of lace or shaped into a wreath.