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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Lace (because the internet is twitchy tonight)

Princess Cuff

Princess Cuff

Corset Cuff

A new collection of lace bracelets

This week I had another great photo session with my lovely model Heather, this time highlighting the darker pieces in my lace jewelry line.  Here are the photos for you to peruse and if you feel inclined, please follow the links under the photos to my Etsy store!

The Elizabeth Cuff

The Lace Band

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here come the Wizards!

It took some burning of the midnight oil to get the photos taken and posted but here they are!  All of this set of dolls are available for sale on Etsy.

Wendell the White

Portia the Pink Wizard

Porthos the Purple Wizard

Grantham the Gnomish Wizard

Granger the Grey Wizard

Baxley the Blue

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bunnies In Action

Here are a few shots of bunnies outdoors. The bike in the shot is an old Huffy provided by my mom.  Thanks Mom!

Essenza chilling at the Beehive

Amerigo on a bike

Mogio ponders the inexorable sadness of pencils

Mogio contemplates his mortality

Mogio has a moment of carefree whimsy

Mogio greets you with a wave

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's like the big time, but smaller and cuter...

Every Sunday I spend time browsing a site called Must Have Cute (part of the hysterically funny Icanhascheezberger.com ring of humor sites) looking at work from artists, artisans, crafters and foodies.  I like to think of it as research but mostly I just spend tons of time admiring other people's work and checking out their websites and Etsy pages...but today I became one of the lucky people to have a piece of work featured on the site.  If you check the link below out, remember to click the little "like" button over my bunny.


Click here to see Giu in his natural, adorable habitat surrounded by many other cute things!!!

In other exciting news I have obtained a part-part time job that won't pay much but will allow me to put some money away, work from home *and* leave me tons of crafting time.  Double yay!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet the Bunnies!

These little guys and gals are my latest creation...most of them are available on Etsy, but if you see something you like that isn't for sale remember that you can always email me at orders@perfectfishdesigns.com to place a custom order.

Amerigo, patriotic bunny - Amerigo is decked out in classic red, white and blue all year round to celebrate the USA.  He votes in every election (although he needs someone to lift him up so he can see the candidates) and his favorite holiday is the Fourth of July.  Amerigo stands 6” tall.

Giuseppe, zombie-killer bunny - Giuseppe may be small, but his heart is mighty.  He’s armed himself with a sword and shield stolen from my sewing kit and now he’s ready to knock the stuffing out of any undead that come near…as long as they are under a foot tall, that is.  Giuseppe stands 6” tall. 

Malvagio, a bunny of questionable morals - Malvagio tries so hard to be good, but he just can’t help himself.  He loves to drink and gamble and even though he knows he should take it easy you’ll always find him whoever there is a party going on.   Malvagio stands 6” tall.

Zita, punk bunny - Zita will be the first one to tell you that pink is the new punk.  She’s got plenty of attitude and a ton of cutting edge style, but at heart she’s just a cute little grrl.  Zita stands 6” tall.

Mogio, bunny of sadness -Mogio was recently dumped and he’s been so sad and lonely ever since.  He mopes around his apartment listening to Radiohead and hugging a pillow.  Mogio is always looking for new friends to ease his pain, do you see him waving to you?  Mogio stands 6” tall.

Violetta, bunny of love - Darling Violetta wants nothing more that to hug everyone she sees.  Her giant hear is bursting with cuddles to share with everyone she sees!  Violetta stands 6” tall.

Fiore, flower bunny - Fiore loves flowers more than anything else in the world.  She gardens all day with her tiny friend by her side and loves to share her flowers with everyone she knows.  Fiore stands 6” tall.

Essenza, woodland bunny-sprite - Essenza lives in the woods amongst the fairies and elves,  decorating herself in flowers and dancing around in the trees all day long.  She’s a free spirit, so don’t be surprised if she tries to convince you to skinny dip in the nearest pond!  Essenza stands 6” tall.