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Monday, October 17, 2011

More Bracelets

I had so much fun making bracelets for Horror Realm I decided to do it again for the Dormont Street Fair last weekend. The event was a lot of fun and also a success for both my little company and for the bookstore. And although the colors didn't come out very well, I did have time to snap some quick shots with my phone as I was packing up my stuff for the show so here they are!
 If you like this kind of thing, check out the supplies at JoAnn's, where pre-cut rings are often wither 40% off or buy two, get one free. Patterns, which are sometimes as simple as a photo of the link, are free all over the place online. I mention this because of the number of people I talk to who say they'd love to learn chain mail work, but don't know where to start.  A few years ago you would have probably needed to wrap and cut your own links, or find someone to cut them for you (scroll down and you'll see my boyfriend's  work done in silver, copper and stainless steel). But now that this is a trendy craft, pre-cut aluminum links and colored rubber o-rings are easy to get.

Here are some pictures...

Aluminum links in silver & hematite 
Top: blue and silver aluminum links mixed with black silicon.
 Bottom: green, blue and copper-colored aluminum
Both in silver and turquoise aluminum.
Top: basic link (so basic, I don't think there's actually a name for it)
Bottom: Japanese (for the record, the size ratio between the links is wrong, so it's more a variation on the traditional link.)
The same as above, using blue and purple aluminum
Gold & black aluminum.
Top: another extremely basic link
Bottom: Shaggy Link (the easiest thing in the world, look for shots of a bunch more in different colors soon)
Aluminum in green, gold, hematite and silver