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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay, all twelve of my loyal followers, I'm finally back from all the craziness. The next few posts will give you all the details (and photos) of what I've been working on, but here is the shortest run-down on the last few months I can offer...

I'm consulting for Eljay's Books in Dormont, a wonderful used shop in Dormont. We've recently added events and new book orders to our offerings, and I'm running as much marketing for them as I can squeeze in. To check out the store visit www.eljaysbks.com. We do not have a ton of material on the website yet, but that's where the basic info is listed. If you'd like to check out our updates on cool books we find, upcoming events and out random musings you can visit us on facebook (as Eljay's Used Books) or on Twitter (@eljaysbooks). I'm spending tons of time playing in the bookstore these days, and it's blissful.

I'm also doing some freelance marketing, and if that interests you, you can contact me with work at chris.rickert@perfectfishdesigns.com . My specialty is low (or no) budget marketing campaigns.

But the vast majority of my time has been spent working on crocheting my ideas. I honed the look of the zombunnies, found a way to make the lions significantly easier to make in quantity, designed a vampire bunny, a golem bunny and a bunch of wizards and then looked up and the summer had flown by and I had made a ton of things and photographed and posted exactly none. Sadly, by the time I figured it out I was in the middle of preparing for the art show at Confluence (Parsec's annual sci-fi and fantasy readers and writers event) and trying to get 60 pieces done for an upcoming show in September (and, quick plug, you should DEFINITELY try to make it to this show...www.horrorrealmcon.com) so here is what I've done:

I used my phone to take a bunch of shots of everything as I was taking it out the door to sell in various places, and threw in a bunch of shots of me making things along the way. These are not the best shots, and the backgrounds are random corners of my house, the top of my dresser etc. but if nothing else, you'll be able to see what I've been up to.