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Friday, May 20, 2011

Where am I? Ingram.

Perhaps you have noticed that after a frenzy of posting I have suddenly stopped cold.

I was at home on the couch watching the GI Joe movie (did you know that the blond guy isn't Joe? I had no idea.) Anyway, I was taking a break from tatting some jewelry for this weekend's Steampunk convention in...VA? DC? and my boyfriend and I heard a strange crackling sound. We looked around for the cats and seeing nothing, looked back to the TV. Then we heard the sound again and the ceiling fell on our heads.

This is the original hole in the ceiling.  Notice the places the drywall is sagging? Those would fall on us while we were trying to clean up just a few minutes later.

This is where Steve and I were sitting, and the plaster that landed on us.  I'd also like to point out that the ungrateful sheep in the background did nothing to help in the ensuing chaos.
And while the vacuum, Steve's best coat and a nice candle were all casualties the most dramatic damage was done to my scanner.

I've explained the ensuing clean and move operation heroically undertaken by my boyfriend and friends too many times to feel like typing it out again here, but after a month of cleaning, scrubbing, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning and generally being miserable I am happily installed in a lovely house in Ingram.  My friends are awesome, my cats are calm and my craft supplies are protected in three layers of plastic.  I was also able to send almost 30 pieces of my work to the steampunk event, so the month off from work doesn't seem to have hurt as badly as it could have.

Next week I promise to post at least one new thing and resume my weekly postings.  But in the meantime I'm also working on a new project that might interest you.

I've never gotten over losing my awesome bookstore job.  I have another awesome bookstore gig now, but it's part time and like the book junkie I am it's not enough. So I've started a book blog called Hot & Cold Running Books. I'll be reviewing pre-releases, talking about bookselling and recommending old favorites of mine (finally, an excuse to make some lists!!!) Right now there is just an introductory-type post up but I'll be writing two review this weekend and generally working on the look and features.  The goal will be to read and review at least one book a week, although it would be awesome to do two books a week.

As always, thanks for reading!