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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finally! Tatted Ornaments For the Holiday Season

I though I wouldn't get around to figuring these out in time, but I buckled down (and bought a bunch of books) and I'm thrilled to announce that in a few days I'll be posting ornaments for sale.  (Technically these are for sale but I haven't named any patterns yet to if you want something you'll have to try to describe it to me).  These are the shots I took last night and should give you a sense of the basic styles available.  The ornaments will all be priced at $20 and under and more sizes and colors are coming soon too.  Until I get the details worked out, enjoy!

Bunnies and Buttons

After years of making dolls from other people's designs I decided to strike out on my own and start creating some creatures.  This was the first one I cooked up (that wasn't horrible, that is) and I love making these little guys.  The most fun, for me, is picking out the eyes and the little buttons they wear...those elements are what gives each little creature their own special character.  I can't resist posting these sweet things as I finish them, but I'm always happy to do custom colors at no additional charge.  Please note that these dolls do not have child-safe eyes.   Bunnies are $12 each.

These are the twins, Romulus and Remus.  Since I hate to split up a family, I'm willing to give you the pair for $20.  They even have matching star buttons!

Meet Tommy

The child of bunnies who remember Woodstock, this sweet little lady is named Sunflower.

And here's an adorable shot of the whole group.  Is it just me or is Tommy trying to start a kick line? 

Light and Lacy Wraps to Cuddle Into During Chilly Weather

These wraps are made of a warm, fluffy yet delicate wool/ angora/ acrylic blend that can be washed on the gentle cycle in your washer (or hand washed) and air dried.
The camera refuses to do justice to this floaty black and white snowflake scarf.  We'll get a photo posted with a model soon to display this piece in it's full glory!.  ($40)

The Starry Night (based on an original design by Doris Chan) wrap measures 1'2" by 4'2" ($55) 
This wrap is made with a Tunisian Shell Stitch, my new favorite.  This light and lacy stitch can also be used to make wonderful baby blankets - remember that I'll customize almost any piece to fit size, color or whimsy requirements and customization is free almost every time!
The black and white wrap measures 1'11" x 3'8" and the blue and white is 1'2" x 3'10" ($45 each) 

This is a little preview of a piece that will go up for sale next week. This wrap measures 1'6" across and 5' long and is made from a phenomenal light wool in a color scheme called Autumn, using an exploded lace technique.  This piece is take from the book Vintage Crochet. The shots of the full wrap will be posted as soon as I can get my friend to model it for you! ($65)

Everything happens...

So first a blog post to clear the air.  A few days after Halloween (and a day before my five year anniversary with the company) the amazing bookstore I've had the honor of working in for the last five years was forced to close their doors.  This was a huge blow to me on many levels, I think everyone knows I'm an avid reader, and this place was not just a building I worked in...over the five years I spent there it became a home, a refuge, a place of amazing learning and also the place I went to see my friends.  One of the adjustments I'm really struggling with is not being able to spend my unemployment hanging out in an awesome indie bookstore.

There are a lot of things to be furious about in this situation, and I want the whole of Pittsburgh to know, for the record, that our store did not close because it was doing poorly.  The company as a whole was in trouble and the closure of some stores was a miserable necessity.  The staff I worked with did a fantastic job, often under difficult circumstances.  I am so proud of everything we accomplished, and for any readers out there in Cinci, Lexington, Memphis and Virginia, go to your local Joseph-Beth Booksellers and support a great indie company!!

So if you've been wondering what the heck happened to my blog, here's the story.  After my last post (which you may have noticed was only finished thanks to hours of work by my long-suffering boyfriend) my work load at the bookstore increased.  I started working full-time and a half in an average week.  Crocheting was the thing that kept me sane, but the last thing I had the time or the energy to do was photograph and post my work.  My next post (coming along in just a moment here) will cover the last two months worth of work...and what a busy two months it has been!

Don't worry too much about me :) I'm crafting my butt off and relaxing.  It was time for a break anyway.  If you want to help me out, please mention my website to your friends and family.  I'm still working out the details of ecommerce, but for the time being I will happily accept checks or cash and can take orders via email.  I've been crafting handmade gifts for the holidays like it's my job (and currently, it is!) so please remember that handmade lace ornaments and seriously cute little bunnies make much better gifts than mass produced stuff!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for loads of great gifts from Perfect Fish!!