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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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I have come to the conclusion that the best thing in life is sleeping next to someone you love very much.  That's it for today, I think that thought is pretty complete just the way it is.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The "I Got Mine" syndrome

It's been brought home to me in so many ways in the last few weeks.  I think this is what is wrong with most of the country...I have no idea what's wrong with the rest of the world, but it wouldn't surprise me if, along with religion, this is the problem.  There's probably a better, more all-encompassing name but for now I'm
going to call it "I Got Mine" syndrome. 

So what is it?  How do you spot it? How is it cured? Read on...

This insideous disease srtikes all of us.  The asshole down the street who would rather kick your trashcan into a bush than set it in front of your house when it rolls away...me when I know perfectly well I knocked something over but I also know no one saw it and I don't really have to pick it up...you when you...well...you know what you do. 

It spreads the way all diseases spread: you get it from people who have it.  The more of those people you are around the more likely you are to catch it and the more severe the case.  We, as a species, seem determined to do as little as possible when we can get away with it.  I suspect that not doing as little as possible is one of the paths to being a truely great person.  So when we can cut a corner, we do.  When we can leave something undone that no one will be able to tie to us we do that too.  And then someone finds out mess and since they have no one to force into fixing it they have to fix it themselves.  And that's crappy, so they cut a corner somewhere else.  They justify it as a reward for taking care off someone else's crap, and the shit continues to roll down hill.  Now take a moment and let it sink in.  YOU have done this to someone.  So have I.  We have completely shit on someone elses day just because someone else did it to us and because we can get away with it.

The worst...or possibly the best part of the whole thing is that the fix is something like that fight you never really stopped having with your siblings or your cousins (hey, we don't all have siblings okay?).  Someone has to stop being a jerk FIRST.  Really, it's that simple/hard.  YOU have to clean up the staff breakroom and leave it cleaner than you found it even though you are not the person who exploded a can of coke all over the table and walked out the door.  YOU have to let the person in the crosswalk finish crossing before you drive up their ass, even if it's making you a little late for work (is it really the guy in the crosswalk or the fact that you left later than you should have?).  And when you actually witness someone being a complete jerk by littering, being rude to the cashier at the grocery, or driving like they own the road please remember that shame is an effective tool.  So is leading by example.

Nothing I'm saying is new, not even a little...it's the Golden Rule.  It's Pay it Forward.  But this month seems to have been some kind of giant lesson in exactly how much this idea could change the world.

Wouldn't it be nice to change the world?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Beginning...

I hear that writing every day is a great way to sharpen your skills.  I have met more than a few writers recently who swear by the practice of blogging.  I have a constant, unending desire to share my opionions with the world.  I love being able to post pictures of my ongoing crafting obsessions in a public forum.

All fine reasons to start a blog.

But the primary reason I'm here tonight?  My friend started a blog and I wanted to read it.  A few wrong clicks later and I realized I had accidentally begun to format my own blog instead.  I decided to go with it.

A bit more about me, I am an avid crafter.  I dabble in a lot of paper and yarn crafts but my very favorite crafts are crochet, quilling, tatting, origami and beading.   I also work in the book industry so I am a passionate advocate of literacy and great books.  My guess is that a lot of this blog will just be random passing thoughts and pictures of my latest creations and I doubt I will post too regularly...one of my personal goals is to learn to shut up unless I have something of value to say so I'll strive to do the same here.

And a note about the name of my blog...I'm working on turning the crafting obsession into something a little more profitable.  Perfect Fish Designs is the name of my little patch of the crafting world and it is the paraphrase of a really fantastic line blatently ripped from a Neil Gaiman comic (thanks for not suing me so far, Neil).  Look for the name on Etsy and elsewhere soon...great things are in the works.

Speaking of which, I really need to go make some lace.