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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fairy Chains!

This is probably one of my favorite projects ever.  I started with Japanese lucky stars, made out of tiny strips of colored paper. Each star is made of paper a little thicker than wrapping paper and you just make a few simple knots and folds and you have a surprisingly sturdy little star!  So I got addicted to making the stars and suddenly I had a few hundred I needed to find a home for.

I punched a hole in each star with a needle and stuck a length of craft wire through the top, looping the wire around some wire wrapping pliers and adding beads along the way.  Each of the little beaded star charm is different because I am easily bored.  The charms and lots of larger beads in different colors all get crocheted into a chain with fishing line and voila!  Over three yards of decorative garland perfect for a little girl's bedroom, an easter decorations or just a really kawaii decoration for your apartment!  Here are some close ups of the fairy chain...

And now for some tatted craziness

I love cuffs.  I like wearing them but making them is just as fun.  Here are the pile of cuffs I've made.  See the sidebar for pricing and details on ordering.
A purple cuff to the left.  These cuffs tie at the inside of the wrist with ribbon, woven corset style though the edges of each side.

Clockwise from the upper left, Blue cuff, similar red cuff, two beaded cuffs with tiny ruffle, spiky daisy chain

A bunch of new pics!!!

I have been busy in my weeks without a solid internet connection, and I finally slowed down long enough to post some pictures of what I've been up to...

My first original doll design!  This little guy is modeled after a free pattern I found online, heavy on the variations.  I also love amigurumi that fit in the palm of my hand so I shrunk him quite a bit.  He's for sale in any color or colors you would like for only $12.
These two shots show you one of the curtain ties I designed a few weeks back because...well, we needed curtain ties.  It's a simple shell and picot pattern with beads at the end of each picot.  The ceramic bead with the tiny flowers are hand painted.

Finally, an old piece I just never got around to shooting until tonight.  This is a tatting bag (see it in use to the right) made with a double strand of size 10 crochet hook and a C hook.  The bag is a hexagon and I used some basic elements of lace crochet for embellishments.I absolutely LOVE this bag!